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Men Football Jersey Real Madrid Away 2023/24 ARDA GÜLER #24 Fan Version


Men’s Athletic Club de Bilbao Short Sleeves Jersey- Red

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Model Year:                    

Country and League: Spain-La Liga
Material:                         Polyester
Type of Brand Logo:   Embroidered
Type of Team Badge:   Sewn On
Color: Red&White
Version: Replica
Designed For: Man

Model size reference: 

  • 180cm/84kg (5.9ft/185lbs)
  • Chest size: 106cm
  • Replica size L/Authentic size XL

(Size difference within 2-3 cm is normal for manual measurement?





The Athletic Club Bilbao new jersey is a tribute to the club’s illustrious 125 years of history, celebrating its legacy on the footballing stage. The design of the kit proudly features the iconic red and white stripes that have been synonymous with the club for generations, signifying the strength and unity of the team.


2023-2024 Athletic Club kit (1) (1).jpg


When Athletic Club Bilbao announced their partnership with Castore for the 2023-2024 season, the footballing world was abuzz with anticipation. The end of a six-year deal with New Balance marked the beginning of an exciting new era for Athletic Bilbao and their loyal supporters. 


2023-2024 Athletic Club kit (4).jpg

The Legacy Continues: Castore Takes the Reins


Since the expiration of their deal with New Balance at the end of the 2022-2023 season, Athletic Club Bilbao set out on a quest to find a new partner that would uphold their rich traditions while bringing a fresh perspective to the table. That search culminated in a groundbreaking partnership with Castore, making it the first time the British brand would design the Basque club’s jerseys. With an established reputation for crafting high-quality sportswear, Castore was poised to provide the club and its fans with something special.


2023-2024 Athletic Club kit (2).jpg

Honoring the Classics: A Nod to Tradition


As the home of iconic red-and-white stripes, Athletic Bilbao’s traditional jersey design holds a special place in the hearts of fans worldwide. Castore recognized the importance of preserving this legacy while adding their own touch to it. The 2023-2024 Athletic Club kit proudly boasts the classic red-and-white stripes that have been synonymous with the club for generations. The stripes are bolder and more pronounced, symbolizing the unwavering strength and unity of the team. The jersey pays homage to the club’s history and traditions, reminding fans of the countless memories created on the pitch wearing similar iconic stripes.


2023-2024 Athletic Club kit (1).jpg

Innovative Features: The Next Chapter


While tradition is at the core of the design, Castore also introduced innovative features to enhance the performance and comfort of the players. Advanced fabric technologies have been incorporated to ensure optimal breathability and moisture-wicking capabilities, keeping the players at the top of their game even during the most intense matches. The jersey’s lightweight construction offers a superior fit, allowing players to move freely and effortlessly on the pitch. This fusion of tradition and innovation represents a perfect balance, a testament to Athletic Bilbao’s enduring spirit combined with the club’s commitment to embrace modern advancements.


2023-2024 Athletic Club kit (3).jpg

Symbolizing Unity: The Basque Flag Emblem


As a club deeply rooted in Basque culture and heritage, Athletic Bilbao’s jersey design often incorporates elements that symbolize the region’s identity. The Athletic Bilbao 2023-2024 home jersey features a special addition: the Basque flag emblem on the back collar. This small yet powerful detail is a nod to the fans’ unwavering support and unites the players and supporters under a common pride for their homeland. It serves as a constant reminder that Athletic Club Bilbao is more than just a football club; it is a representation of a passionate community united by their love for the sport and their heritage.


As Athletic Club Bilbao embraces the dawn of a new era with Castore at the helm of jersey design, the new Athletic Club Bilbao home kit stands as a symbol of continuity, innovation, and unity. Preserving the timeless red-and-white stripes while integrating cutting-edge technology, the jersey embodies the perfect blend of tradition and modernity. With the Basque flag emblem proudly adorning the back collar, it serves as a powerful reminder of the club’s roots and its deep connection with its loyal fan base. The new jersey encapsulates the essence of Athletic Bilbao, a club that cherishes its history while embracing the limitless potential of the future. As the players step onto the pitch wearing the Castore-designed jersey, they carry with them the hopes and dreams of a community that is bound together by the love of football and the unwavering support for their beloved Athletic Club Bilbao.


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