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Men Football Long-Sleeve Jersey Venezia FC Home 2023/24 Fan Version


Men’s Marseille Short Sleeves Jersey- Blue

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Country and League: France-Ligue 1



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  • 180cm/84kg (5.9ft/185lbs)

  • Chest size: 106cm

  • Replica size L/Authentic size XL

  • Size difference within 2-3 cm is normal for manual measurement

The Marseille Away jersey is legendary among football kits for its bold, unconventional designs that have divided fans and grabbed headlines over the years.

olympique_marseille_away_kit (1).jpg

The city of Marseille, known for its rich maritime history and breathtaking coastal landscapes, has long been an inspiration for the design of Olympique Marseille's soccer jerseys. As the club prepares for the 2023-2024 season, their official equipment supplier, has unveiled the new Marseille Away Jersey, paying homage to the deep connection between Marseille and the Mediterranean Sea. 

olympique_marseille_away_kit (2).jpg

Nautical Themes in the Marseille 2023-2024 Away Jersey

The Marseille 2023-2024 Away Kit draws its inspiration from the nautical charts and local fishermen who have toiled on the Mediterranean Sea, upon which Marseille, historically known as "Massilia" during Roman times, thrives. The striking royal-blue base, or "PUMA Team Royal-Clyde Royal," features a topography-like effect in white, mirroring the patterns found on nautical charts. This unique design creates a visual connection between the club and the sea, symbolizing the inseparable bond that Marseille shares with the Mediterranean waters.

olympique_marseille_away_kit (2) (1).jpg

The Symbolic Crest and Golden "MARE NOSTRUM" Script

One of the standout elements of the Marseille Away Jersey is the conversion of the club's crest to white, aligning it with the white Sport cat logos and the wordmark of sponsor CMA CGM. This unifying white hue represents purity and reflects the club's pristine commitment to the sport. Additionally, the jersey features the Latin script "MARE NOSTRUM" ("OUR SEA") in golden letters on the upper back. This phrase holds great significance as it embodies the club's deep connection to the Mediterranean, signifying that the sea is an integral part of Marseille's identity, culture, and history.

olympique_marseille_away_kit (1) (1).jpg

A Tribute to Mediterranean Lifestyle

The Marseille away kit's dominant navy blue color is a traditional choice, echoing the vastness of the sea and symbolizing how Marseille carries the essence of the Mediterranean wherever they go. As the birthplace of Olympique Marseille, the city's football club pays homage to its roots by integrating the Mediterranean lifestyle into its jersey design. The thin white lines on the navy blue background are reminiscent of nautical charts, further reinforcing the connection to the sea.

olympique_marseille_away_kit (3).jpg

olympique_marseille_away_kit (4).jpg

In conclusion, the Marseille 23 24 Away Kit is a remarkable tribute to the city's maritime heritage and its eternal bond with the Mediterranean Sea. The sport brand's thoughtful design, featuring topography-like effects and maritime-inspired elements, captures the essence of Marseille's history and culture. With the golden "MARE NOSTRUM" script and the all-white crest, the jersey proudly symbolizes the club's affinity with the sea. As the players step onto the football pitch donning this jersey, they carry with them the spirit of Marseille, a city that has been shaped by limestone, sea winds, and the eternal allure of the Mediterranean. The Marseille Away Jersey stands as a powerful symbol of unity, heritage, and passion, destined to be cherished by the club's devoted supporters worldwide.

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