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Men Football Jersey Short Sleeves France Home 2022 Fan Version


Women’s Tigres UANL Women’s Soccer Short Sleeves Jersey – Yellow

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The women's Tigres jersey has been unveiled, capturing the essence of the team's rich history and deep connection with its devoted fanbase. As the reigning Liga MX champions, Tigres UANL, hailing from Mexico, collaborated with the sport brand to create a striking home shirt that pays homage to their glorious past while incorporating modern elements.

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Drawing inspiration from the designs worn during the late 1970s and early 1980s, the women's Tigres UANL 2023 home shirt features a captivating "gold" base with a prominent blue central stripe. This design is reminiscent of the iconic shirt donned by the team during the historic 1981-1982 season. The Tigres UANL 2023 home shirt is a nod to tradition and celebrates the team's historical connection with their past successes.

The Tigres UANL 2023 jersey is a visual tribute to the team's historical achievement during the 1981-1982 League season, particularly the momentous semifinal. The "gold" base color symbolizes the team's triumphs and is complemented by a central blue stripe, which holds deep significance as an emblematic element from their storied past. This thoughtful design choice evokes a sense of nostalgia and pride among the fans, forging a strong emotional bond between the team and its supporters.

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The intricately crafted trim and details of the Tigres 2023 jersey further enhance its aesthetic appeal. The prominent blue central stripe, a focal point of the shirt, extends horizontally and is echoed throughout the design, including the V-neck collar with a matching insert. These distinctive elements create a visually striking and cohesive look, perfectly capturing the essence of Tigres UANL's identity on the pitch.

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Even with the inclusion of partner logos, the Tigres 2023 jersey maintains a cohesive color palette that seamlessly blends with the overall design. The team's sponsor logos are thoughtfully incorporated, ensuring they harmoniously coexist with the jersey's aesthetic. To complete the kit, Tigres UANL will wear matching golden yellow shorts and socks, presenting a unified and cohesive appearance on the field.

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The Tigres UANL 2023 home jersey stands as a testament to the club's rich history and recent successes. By paying tribute to the iconic shirt worn during the 1981-1982 season, the jersey sparks nostalgia among fans while embracing contemporary elements. Every detail, including the striking blue stripe and carefully placed trim, reflects Tigres UANL's unwavering dedication to representing their identity both on and off the pitch. As the team steps onto the field in this new jersey, fans can proudly display their unwavering support, cherishing the legacy and triumphs of Tigres UANL.

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