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10 Football Superstars Who Have the Most Impressive Jumps Up Till 2023

Football players have a specific art for heading (or nodding) the ball. Most often, height is a significant factor when a player rises above others to head the ball.

In addition to height, the ability to jump is important. While all football players are capable of heading the ball, some players benefit from particularly high jumps in aerial contests.

Here we present the top ten football-related jumps in history in this article.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo against Manchester United (2.93m)

Best Soccer Jersey CR7 can nearly jump twice his height

The majority of the highest jumps in football have been accomplished by Cristiano Ronaldo, who is unquestionably one of the greatest players of all time.

He stands out from other players on the field due to a few unique qualities.

He possesses a number of extraordinary skills, including the ability to occasionally jump higher than an NBA player.

When he leaps to head the ball, CR7 can practically jump twice as high as himself. He actually has the highest recorded jump in soccer history.

When he jumps, he appears to be able to float and pause in the air, stunning spectators and even rival players.

Ronaldo is responsible for the majority of the goals on this list.

With over 150 goals for club and country, the Portuguese great also holds the record for most goals scored with the head in football history.

Some of Cristiano Ronaldo’s headed goals were so astounding that comparisons to basketball star Michael Jordan’s ability to jump highly and hang in the air have been made.

Although Ronaldo can outjump average NBA players, he can’t leap as high as Michael Jordan.

In February 2013, while scoring for Real Madrid against Manchester United in the first leg of a round-of-16 encounter in the UEFA Champions League, he made a remarkable 2.93-meter jump, which remains his highest jump ever.

Watching Ronaldo soar into the air, Patrice Evra, tasked with marking him, had no chance whatsoever!


2. Portugal vs. Youssef En-Nesyri (2.78m)

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Youssef En-Neseyri scored a stunning header against Portugal in the 2022 FIFA World Cup quarterfinal.

In order to give Morocco the 1-0 victory, the Moroccan striker hung in the air and beat Portugal goalkeeper Diogo Costa to the ball.

El-Neseyri scored a spectacular header from a height of 2.78 meters.


3. Ross County vs. Bevis Mugabi (2.62m)


Best Soccer Jersey Motherwell Mugabi jumped higher than Cristiano best soccer jersey

Bevis Mugabi, a defender for Motherwell and a Ugandan international, outjumped other players in the box to score a spectacular header against Ross County.

In February 2021, the goal was scored during a Scottish Premiership game. The height of Mugabi’s jump, which was astounding, was 2.62 meters.


4. Fikayo Tomori VS Juventus (2.61m),

In May 2021, AC Milan defender Fikayo Tomori, who scored in Milan’s 3-0 victory against Juventus, broke Cristiano Ronaldo’s Serie A record for highest jump.

Giorgi Chiellini was dwarfed by Tomori as he leaped 2.61 meters in the air to nod the ball in.


5. Spezia (2.58m) vs. Victor Osimhen

Nigerian striker Victor Osimhen set a new mark during Napoli’s outstanding 3-0 victory over Spezia on Sunday, making him the Serie A’s jump-king on February 7, 2023.

At the Stadio Alberto Picco, Osimhen scored a spectacular-headed goal against the Little Eagles that established one of the highest jumps in football history.

He jumped over goalkeeper Bartlomiej Dragowski to score the goal in the 68th minute, doubling Napoli’s lead.

The striker beat Dragowski to a looping clearing by leaping a staggering 2.58 meters before heading in.


6. Sampdoria vs. Cristiano Ronaldo (2.56m)

In a 2019 Serie A match against Sampdoria, Cristiano Ronaldo scored the game-winning goal that was out of this world.

At 2.56 meters high, it was a typical textbook header.

Alex Sandro crossed the ball, and Ronaldo made a great leap to get there and score.


7. Zlatan Ibrahimovic against Inter Milan (2.53m)

Best Soccer Jersey Zlatan Ibrahimovic jumped

In a Milan derby game in February 2020, Zlatan Ibrahimovic assisted on AC Milan’s opening goal. He nearly leapt as high as Cristiano Ronaldo did for the goal against Sampdoria previously mentioned.

The Swedish athlete rose 2.53 meters. Because Zlatan is significantly taller, the mere fact that he almost leaped as high as Ronaldo was astounding.


8. Juventus vs. Cristiano Ronaldo (2.47m)

Cristiano Ronaldo recorded a fantastic jump of 2.47 meters while competing in the Serie A against Torino in 2018/19, a year before to his incredible leap against Sampdoria.

In the Turin Derby, Torino seized the lead and appeared destined to beat Juventus.

CR7, however, had other plans and leveled the score in the 84th minute with a thunderous header to deny Torino the


9. Ronaldo vs. Osasuna (2.44m)

Ronaldo once more!

Cristiano Ronaldo scored a hat-trick for Real Madrid in a 7-1 victory over Osasuna at the Santiago Bernabeu during the 2011–12 La Liga season.

The crowd was shocked by his incredible 2.44-meter leap for his third goal.


10. Sassuolo vs. Cristiano Ronaldo (2.44m)

Additionally, while playing for Juventus, Cristiano Ronaldo stunned spectators with a spectacular leap while competing against Sassuolo in the air.

Andrea Consigli, the goalie for Sassuolo, was unable to jump as high as Ronaldo did to win the match.

It was measured at 2.44 meters, the same as the Osasuna goal above.

Bonus: Cristiano Ronaldo vs. Wales (2.42m)

Ronaldo scored three goals and contributed as many assists as he could as Portugal won the 2016 Euro.