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Six Interesting Facts about Isabel Haugseng, Erling Haaland’s Girlfriend

6 characteristics of Isabel Haugseng

1. Isabel Haugseng is 3 years older than Erling Haaland.

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Haaland is 22 years old and Isabel Haugseng is 19 as of April 2023.

But the two’s romance dates all the way back to their early years.

2. Football player is Erling Haaland’s girlfriend.

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Isabel Haugseng Johansen plays football, just like her lover Haaland.

She is presently a member of the Bryne Fotballklubb team in Norway.

Haaland first met her at Bryne because they both attended the club’s academy there.

3. Isabel and Haaland were first pals when they were young.


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As was already established, Haaland and Johansen shared a childhood in Bryne, have known each other for a number of years, and both played football for the same neighborhood team.

But after first becoming friends, Haaland and Isabel fell in love and made the decision to get together since Haaland had always wanted a girlfriend who would make him feel secure.

She was upset because I wasn’t spending enough time with her. She once prompted me to make a decision between football and her. According to the British publication The Sun, Haaland once said of his former partner, “I miss her sometimes.

4. Haaland receives strong support from his girlfriend

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His childhood girlfriend has given Haaland a ton of support.

She has regularly traveled since they started dating merely to be by her boyfriend’s side and watch him enthrall fans with his goal-scoring prowess.

Isabel has supported Haaland throughout his time with Borussia Dortmund, both in Germany and most recently in Manchester.

5. According to reports, Erling Haaland’s girlfriend is not on Instagram.

Although Isabel Huagseng Johansen had a popular Instagram photo in the past, as of April 2023, she has no verified account.

Isabel reportedly deleted her Instagram account after learning that Erling Haaland and her were dating.

6. Erling Haaland loves to maintain a low profile with his partner.

Haaland and Isabel value privacy in all aspects of their relationship.

However, the two have been seen traveling together.

Haaland and his girlfriend went to an opulent property in Marbella to spend a few days together after Norway’s failure to qualify for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, where The Sun took pictures of them.

Following the latter’s relocation to the Etihad, the couple was first sighted out together on New Year’s Eve in Manchester.

After Haaland inked a £20 million contract with the sportswear giant, they were also seen in London at Nike Town.