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Men Football Jersey Short Sleeves Newcastle United Away 2023/24 Fan Version


Men’s Chelsea Player Version Jersey – Blue

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Country and League: England-Premier League



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Heat Press

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Heat Press




Player Version

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  • 180cm/84kg (5.9ft/185lbs)

  • Chest size: 106cm

  • Replica size L/Authentic size XL

  • Size difference within 2-3 cm is normal for manual measurement

The 2023-24 Chelsea home kit has been unveiled, captivating fans with its classic design and a nod to the '90s. Celebrating the memorable '97/'98 season, when Chelsea achieved European triumph with victories in the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup and League Cup, the new kit combines blue and white elements to pay homage to that glorious era. This kit embraces the club's heritage by featuring gold detailing, including an iridescent crest, symbolizing Chelsea's prestige and history. The lion emblem, shimmering in gold, represents the fearless spirit of the club.

chelsea 2023 24 home kit (2).jpg

On July 10, Chelsea FC revealed their highly anticipated home kit for the 2023-24 season, paying tribute to the glory of the '90s. Departing from the intricate patterns of recent years, the all-new Chelsea home kit embraces a classic design with a touch of modern flair. This kit not only commemorates the remarkable season of European triumph in '97/'98 but also celebrates the rich heritage and prestige of Chelsea FC. 

chelsea 2023 24 home kit (1).jpg

A Classic Design with a Touch of Nostalgia

The Chelsea 2023-24 home kit draws inspiration from one of the club's most beloved jerseys from the 1990s. The iconic blue is enhanced with the addition of white, creating a striking color combination reminiscent of the past. The kit pays homage to the successful 1997-98 season, during which Chelsea clinched both the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup and the League Cup. These triumphs were achieved wearing the same iconic shirt that fans now have the opportunity to embrace once again.

chelsea 2023 24 home kit (4).jpg

Golden Details and Iridescent Crest

Embodying the prestige and history of Chelsea FC, the new home kit features gold detailing that adds a touch of elegance and grandeur. The sleeve cuffs are adorned with yellow gold accents, symbolizing the glorious moments from the '90s. The centerpiece of the 2023-24 Chelsea home kit is the iridescent crest, shimmering in gold. This captivating feature represents the prestige and glamour of the famous King's Road, a historic street that holds a special place in the hearts of Chelsea fans.

chelsea 2023 24 home kit (3).jpg

Chelsea 2023-24 home kit    

Symbolic Lion Roars in Gold

As a symbol of Chelsea's prestige and history, a golden lion roars on the shirt, making a bold statement. The lion represents strength, power, and the fearless spirit of the club. Its presence on the kit serves as a reminder of the club's past achievements and the relentless pursuit of success. The combination of the iconic lion emblem and the glistening gold details creates an unforgettable visual representation of Chelsea's legacy.

The Chelsea FC 2023-24 jersey is a masterpiece that seamlessly blends nostalgia with modern elements. The classic design, infused with white accents, pays tribute to the club's triumphant '97/'98 season. The addition of gold detailing and the iridescent crest adds a touch of elegance and captures the glamour of the '90s. As Chelsea FC aims for future triumphs, this kit becomes a symbol of unity, history, and the unyielding spirit of the club and its loyal supporters. Mark your calendars, as the Chelsea 2023-24 home kit will be available for early access from August 16, allowing fans to embrace the legacy of the club and wear their pride on their chests.

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