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Men’s Authentic Roma Away Soccer Jersey Shirt 2023/24


Men’s Roma Player Version Jersey – Cream

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Italy-Serie A  



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Heat Press

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AS Roma, one of Italy's most storied football clubs, has unveiled 2023-24 Away kit. Drawing inspiration from the captivating monuments and travertine marble motifs of the Eternal City, this kit celebrates the rich architectural heritage of Rome. 

AS Roma Away Kit

AS Roma 2023-24 Away Kit

A Fusion of Tradition and Modernity

The AS Roma 2023-24 Away Kit seamlessly combines elements of Roman architecture with a modern twist. The jersey's texture pays homage to the Corinthian stylistic elements, featuring acanthus leaves and stylized floral patterns. These intricate details reflect the grandeur and elegance of Rome's iconic buildings, preserving the city's rich cultural heritage within the fabric of the kit.

AS Roma 2023-24 Away jersey

Roma 23 24 Away Kit

The Play of Colors and Stripes

The AS Roma Away Kit is distinguished by its use of carbon grey, which forms a border running along the length of the jersey. This shade beautifully mirrors the classic three stripes on the shoulders and the hips of the shorts. The carbon grey stripes on the cream-colored shorts further enhance the visual appeal, accentuating the overall aesthetics of the kit.

23 24 Roma Away Kit

Club Crest and Branding

The AS Roma 2023-24 away kit proudly showcases the club crest and the iconic adidas logo. Placed strategically on both legs of the shorts, these symbols represent the club's enduring legacy and its partnership with the renowned sportswear brand. The crest serves as a reminder of the club's rich history and the passion of its loyal fan base.

The AS Roma 2023-24 away jersey stands as a remarkable tribute to the architectural wonders of Rome, capturing the essence of the Eternal City within its design. With its incorporation of Corinthian stylistic elements, acanthus leaves, and floral patterns, the kit embodies the grandeur and elegance associated with Roman architecture.

23 24 Roma Away jersey

23 24 AS Roma Away shirt

The fusion of tradition and modernity evident in the AS Roma Away Kit reflects the club's commitment to preserving its rich heritage while embracing innovation. As players don this exceptional kit, they carry the weight of the club's history and the aspirations of its passionate supporters.

The AS Roma 2023-24 Away Kit is not only a symbol of the club's identity but also a representation of the pride and love for the city of Rome. It serves as a unifying force, bringing together players, fans, and the city itself in their shared pursuit of success and glory.

As the new season unfolds, AS Roma fans can look forward to witnessing their beloved team grace the pitch in this extraordinary kit, symbolizing their unwavering support and their connection to the city's rich cultural heritage. With the AS Roma Away Kit as their armor, the players will carry the spirit of Rome as they strive for victory and continue to create their own legacy within the history of Italian football.

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