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Men’s Replica Boca Juniors Home Soccer Jersey Shirt 2023/24


Men’s Boca Juniors Short Sleeves Jersey- Blue

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Country and League: Argentina-Superliga Argentina



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  • 180cm/84kg (5.9ft/185lbs)

  • Chest size: 106cm

  • Replica size L/Authentic size XL

  • Size difference within 2-3 cm is normal for manual measurement

Boca Juniors, one of the most iconic football clubs in Argentina and the world, has unveiled its 2023-24 home jersey in collaboration with Adidas. The new kit pays homage to the club's rich history and tradition while incorporating modern design elements. With its striking blue and gold color scheme, intricate details, and a nod to the local community, the Boca Juniors 2023-24 home jersey is set to captivate fans and players.

Boca Juniors 23 24 home jersey

A Classic Color Combination

The Boca Juniors 23 24 home jersey stays true to the club's traditional blue and gold color combination. The deep blue hue dominates the jersey, symbolizing the club's strength and determination. The gold band across the chest adds a touch of elegance and represents the club's achievements and glory. This classic color combination is instantly recognizable and evokes a sense of pride among Boca Juniors supporters worldwide.

Boca Juniors 23 24 home kit

23 24 Boca Juniors home jersey

Tonal Graphical Embellishment

What sets the Boca Juniors 2023-24 home kit apart is the tonal graphical embellishment on the blue areas. This intricate design element adds depth and visual interest to the kit. The graphics are inspired by the club's connection with the local community of supporters, emphasizing the strong bond between the team and its fans. It is a subtle yet powerful representation of unity and solidarity.

23 24 boca junior home kit

new 23 24 boca junior home jersey

The XENEIZE Nickname

One of the standout features of the 2023 24 Boca Juniors home jersey is the inclusion of the "XENEIZE" nickname in contrasting gold on the upper back. Xeneize is a term used to refer to Boca Juniors' fans and carries great significance within the club's culture. The addition of this nickname further strengthens the bond between the players and supporters, reminding everyone of the passionate fanbase that stands behind the team.

23 24 boca junior home kit

23 24 boca junior home kit

Complete Kit

The Boca Juniors 2023-24 home kit is completed with blue shorts and socks, creating a cohesive and stylish ensemble. The blue shorts perfectly complement the jersey, while the blue socks with gold accents add a touch of flair. The overall aesthetic of the kit reflects the club's heritage while embracing modern design elements, striking a balance between tradition and innovation.

The 2023-24 Boca Juniors home shirt is a testament to the club's rich history, tradition, and passionate fanbase. With its classic blue and gold color combination, tonal graphical embellishment, and inclusion of the Xeneize nickname, the kit encapsulates the essence of Boca Juniors. It represents the club's unwavering spirit, unity, and commitment to excellence. Whether worn by players on the field or proudly displayed by fans in the stands, the 23 24 Boca Juniors home jersey is a symbol of pride and belonging. It is a true work of art that honors the club's legacy while embracing the future.

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